• Comprises of real estate specialists experienced in handling housing project launches for reputable developers.
  • Extensive involvement with developers in the aspects of market studies, market surveys, sales projections, project launches, road shows, strategic advertising and marketing.
  • Generates sales within stipulated budget and time frame.
  • Adopt a structured and customized approach according to market conditions, product fit and area channel to stimulate effective and successful campaigns.
  • Offers consultancy services in land conversions and approvals ensuring appropriate uses.
  • Engage panel lawyers on all legal matters relating to registrations, agreements, letter of undertakings, loan documentations, applications of consent and approvals from the respective authorities.
  • Conduct advisory and consultation to purchasers on ways to secure financing.


  • Equip with qualified real estate agents and negotiators in handling sale and leasing for various clients.
  • Extends top quality services for sale and leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Partners with a panel of bankers to assist clients in loan applications.
  • Assists vendors to obtain necessary consent from state authorities for conversion of property use and the sale of properties.
  • Advises clients in estimating the fair value of their properties for purpose of sales or leasing.
  • Provides professional advice on best practices for the marketing of properties.
  • Facilitates corporate clients to source and secure office spaces or residences.